Frequently Asked Questions

How will Licensemeister help me save money on my Microsoft Licenses?

As you're probably experiencing, getting grasp of you Microsoft licenses and Microsoft users within your organization is a complex task. Data and information is scattered across different people, online platforms and pages that creating a coherent overview is a tedious task.

The Licensemeister Microsoft License Assessment helps you create insight into your licenses and users so you will be fully aware of your current situation. Once connected to your organization through consent of your Microsoft Administrator we used smart algorithms to compose and calculate all the necessary information.. Once our assessment is done you receive a report and underlying data to help you guide where and how you can save data.

How long will it take till I receive my assessment?

You will instantly receive an email for consent from your Microsoft Administrator once you have completed the payment process. We will receive the right information to read your Microsoft Licensing Management Data once your administrator has given consent after which our consultants will start to compose your report.

Within a couple of days you will receive an email with our projected savings. A couple of days later you will receive an email with the report and underlying data.

Please note that the assessment can only be executed when you make use of "Microsoft Entrada ID Free". Please contact for more information.

How will you be able to read all the necessary information?

By giving consent through the email you will receive from us, reading rights are setup to our account to extract the information we need. Please contact if you want to receive a breakdown of the reading rights we use.

How do you calculate my savings?

Your total cost savings reflects you savings on Microsoft license for the next coming year if you were to do nothing with your unallocated licenses and sleeping users. In this calculation we assume that any license, payment and user can be cancelled or deleted immediately.

What buy prices are you using in your calculations?

We apply Microsoft's gross purchase prices from the Benelux region without any special discounts. You will receive the cost per license in the data output coming with the report.

Do you adjust subscriptions?

We don't adjust subscriptions; we don't have the authorisation for that. However, we do explain what the next steps are for you in our savings report.

How many reports will I receive?

Initially, you receive one savings report, afterwards you can subscribe for a monthly, quartely or yearly report depending on your preferences.

Do you have special pricing for MSP?

Would you like to purchase multiple reports for yourself or your clients? Please email and we will send you a tailor-made proposal.

Can I request reports for our customers?

You can place an order without specifying which tenant you want scanned. You decide that when we send an e-mail to establish the association. Then you log in with your Global Administrator account of the particular tenant.

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