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The easiest way to control spending on your Microsoft licenses

Audit your organization's Microsoft Licenses and find out where to Save Money with Licensemeister's Audit Report.


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Our Audit contains all you need to know on lowering your Microsoft spending.

  • Unallocated Licenses AuditWe present the license units that are not allocated to users and the impact on your yearly license costs of these units.
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    Inactive Users AuditWe report users that have not been active in the past months and the corresponding costs your organization has spend on these users.
  • Costs of Enteprise Licenses AuditWe give insights in your annual expenses on enterprise licenses.
  • Licenses that we audit:Dynamics 365, Project Online Essentials, Microsoft Teams, Power BI, Exchange Online, Microsoft 365, Power Automate, Visio Online and more
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    What does it cost

    Get a free estimate and buy later with the No Cure No Pay plan, or purchase three reports with the Cleanup Package.

    No Cure No Pay

    Discover your savings for Free: This option allows you to see potential savings before committing to the full Audit Report for €95.

    • Monthly Spend (1x)
    • Including all features of the Cleanup Package
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    Cleanup Package

    For a period of three months you will receive a monthly Audit Report. The first audit is considered the baseline measurement after which cleaning can start. The second report is to assess your cleanup of the previous month and to find where there is still room for improvement. The third report is an audit if your organization is fully cleared of redundant costs.

    €250per tenant
    • Monthly Spend (3x)
    • Projected Savings
    • List Non-Active Users
    • Management Overview
    • Actionable Tasks
    • Data in CSV file
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    What does the Audit Report contain

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    Believe it or not, but our small business could have saved €17,500 a year. But I missed the boat by cancelling those Microsoft subscriptions in time.
    CEO - IT services company

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    We've just shaken things up with a reorganisation and this service is a lifesaver for deleting unused accounts and stopping subscriptions before it's too late.
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    Each month, our finance and IT staff would normally spend hours searching for the right information. Now all that information lands directly in my inbox.
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    Licensemeister emerged from seeing my company spend €1.500,- annually on unused licenses, spotlighting widespread inefficiencies originating from a clutter of information. Born from this experience, we aim to create insight guiding organizations to uncover or reclaim hidden assets, and convert potential losses into opportunities.
    Christian BosmanFounder // Kings of IT

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    * You will receive an estimate of your potential savings
    for free before committing to the full Audit Report