Managing licenses is confusing

We help you to give clarity on your Microsoft license management to gain back control and a financial advantage. We guide you to your potential savings on redundant license costs through our Audit Report.

  • No Cure, No PayOur confidence in delivering value is absolute. If we can't find ways to save on your Microsoft licenses, you owe us nothing.
  • Data-Driven DecisionsMake strategic decisions with data-backed recommendations from your data based on our license assessment status scan.
  • Simplified ManagementOur intuitive report demystifies the intricacies of Microsoft licensing, empowering you to make informed decisions quickly.

Licenses that we audit

Azure Active Directory Premium
Common Data Service Database Capacity
Dynamics 365
Dynamics 365 Business Central
Enterprise Mobility + Security
Exchange Online
Microsoft 365
Microsoft Flow
Microsoft Power Apps
Microsoft Power Automate
Microsoft Stream
Microsoft Teams
Office 365
Power BI
Project Online
Project Plan
Visio Online
Windows 365 Enterprise

How Licensemeister works

Select your Subscription

Begin by choosing the right subscription plan that fits your business needs. Our flexible plans are designed to suit companies of all sizes. During this step, you can consult with our licensing experts who can help you identify the most suitable option based on your current Microsoft licensing configuration and future needs.

Give Constent

After selecting a subscription, you will receive a detailed email to grant administrative consent for us to access your Microsoft license information securely. This step is crucial for compliance and ensuring data security. It's essential that your admin approves this request, enabling us to securely compile the necessary data.

Microsoft License Audit

With the required permissions in place, our specialized team will conduct an in-depth analysis of your Microsoft licensing data. This includes reviewing your current license allocations, pinpointing inactive users or unallocated licenses and identifying opportunities for reducing costs. This phase ensures that our recommendations are based on precise data and customized to meet your specific organizational needs.
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Start Saving Money

Upon completing the audit, you will receive a comprehensive report providing actionable insights to refine your licensing strategy. This report will detail potential cost savings, suggest adjustments to your licenses, and provide a tailored implementation roadmap based on your specific usage patterns.
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Benefits of Licensemeister

Save hours of searching

No more searching through platforms that that are not intended to help you save money. We scan and assess the current state of your organization and show you where and how you can save money on your Microsoft license management.

Instant status scan

After applying for a scan you receive an email requiring approval from your organization's administrator. Once accepted, everything is in place so we can run our instant real-time scan. The connection is set up in minutes.

Always be on par

Have insight into your license savings from your customized financial overview, in-depth license analysis and user activity. You will see where you spend redundant money without being locked-in by us.

Ready to gain back control of your Microsoft licenses spendings?